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PUBLICATIONS CHOCK FULL OF NUGGETS AND SPECIAL NUANCES by Leslie A. Holman Business Immigration: Law & Practice by Daryl Buffenstein and Bo Cooper has become my ���go-to��� business immigration resource. I say this because unlike prior and other business immigration publications, it contains both the fundamental laws that guide and govern the practice of business immigration, and the special nuances and unwritten procedural requirements that we are unfortunately forced to follow but could not, before this publication, find memorialized in a single treatise. For example, I recently struggled with the issue of marginality in an E-2 Treaty Investor case. For many years I relied on, among other things, showing that an investor had access to sources of income other ���Having been one of the peer reviewers on two chapters of AILA���s Business Immigration: Law & Practice treatise, I can honestly say this is the most comprehensive book on business immigration ever to be produced. For those with a business immigration practice, it is an absolute must-have.��� ���Deborah Notkin New York Chapter member 20 V OICE than the investment Purchase > enterprise and thus would not need to rely on the income generated by the enterprise to support the investor to demonstrate that an enterprise was not marginal. Unfortunately, while older cases and adjudications have considered such alternative income sufficient to overcome a negative marginality determination, recent trends have shown this to no longer be the case. I wanted to document this recent change but I could not put my finger on where I obtained the information. I found it in the Buffenstein & Cooper treatise. Amazingly, it steered me to the January 2010 DOS Committee Liaison Minutes. The book has many such nuggets, and I think that its creativity in providing cites to alternative and non-traditional sources is what makes it so valuable, comprehensive, and unique. For what it���s worth, I no longer use an investor���s alternative income to provide a showing of nonmarginality. Leslie A. Holman is the founder of Holman Immigration Law in Burlington, VT, and first vice president of AILA. ���This treatise is the best I have read with regards to all topics related to business immigration. In only a month, I have already utilized it in analyzing multiple cases. The citations make the book even more informative than most other treatises on the subject matter.��� �����Maurice Goldman Arizona Chapter member ���Business Immigration: Law & Practice provides a comprehensive resource for practitioners looking for one convenient place to find the relevant authorities on a wide range of business immigration issues.��� ���Ester Greenfield Washington State Chapter member

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