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MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS BECOME ONE WITH AILA: SPEND A LITTLE, GAIN A LOT by Cletus Weber I asked one of AILA���s newest members to list the most important benefits of AILA membership so we could discuss them and spread the word. This is what we believe being AILA is all about: Love Okay, so maybe not love, but certainly friendships. AILA makes it easy to become BFFs with fellow lawyers committed to professional growth in one of the most interesting, dynamic, frustrating, and personally rewarding areas of law. Opportunities abound to find mentors, referrals, or simply comrades in fighting the good fight. 6 V OICE Well, at least the keys to achieving a successful and fulfilling career in immigration law. AILA���s online message center is a 24/7 reminder that you are never as much of a newbie���or superstar���as you think you are. Through this one tool alone, which is totally free with membership, you can gain instant access to a nationwide network of virtual partners ready to help you at a moment���s notice without asking for half your earnings. Inside Scoop AILA���s massive network of experienced liaisons with applicable agencies keeps you informed of upcoming changes and can help with certain case-specific issues at CBP, DOL, DOS, ICE, SSA, and USCIS (CSC, NSC, TSC, VSC, NBC, AAO, local offices, etc.). The AILA network also provides tremendous opportunities and resources in advocacy and media communications. AILA chapters provide similar information and support at the local level. H ere is what I tell people just starting out:��Take advantage of your AILA membership!!�� Educationally speaking, you need four things when starting out: ���If you���re not up to date on InfoNet, you are practicing dangerously.��� ���James W. Austin Missouri/Kansas Chapter member Keys to the Universe u (free trial subscription for [new members]).��You get an electronic version of Kurzban���s and almost every treatise published by AILA in the last 10 years.��Plus a whole lot more.�� 1. Overall treatise of the law. 2. Detailed studies of specific issues. 3. Source of continual updates. 4. Other immigration lawyers to talk to. While you are on Agora, look at all of the CLE recordings and podcasts [and articles] THAT ARE FREE!��My quick count shows over 200 free educational products.�� AILA can give you all of this. [T]he absolute best deal is��if you can ��� subscribe annually to AILALink To keep��continually updated, nothing comes close to matching the information on��AILA���s

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