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Immigration Case Management: INSZoom by Marshall Cohen DESCRIPTION INSZoom bills itself as "the world's largest immigration software company," claiming more than a thousand immigration law firm and corporate users. Founded in 1999, the company also supplies forms for over 90 countries. INSZoom offers three products: immigration case management, website services, and I-9 compliance and E-verify solutions. This review will focus solely on the immigration case management product. INSZoom is cloud-based and boasts "the most secure data protection and availability system on the market." When choosing a case management software program, an attorney hesitant to use a cloud-based system should first speak with the provider regarding the program's data security and stability. A cloud-based system makes the most sense in my opinion. The cloud-based provider performs all storage, update and maintenance seamlessly without involvement of the end user. This eliminates the costly and potentially risky performance of these tasks by the attorney, office staff, or hired IT professional. Also, a cloud-based system allows one to connect remotely from any device with an internet connection. are more than enough for any size law firm regardless of case load. ACCURACY AND QUALITY EASE OF USE Accuracy and quality depend entirely upon data entry, whether it be performed by the client or attorney/ staff. The questionnaires are generally intuitive and easy to understand. Like most immigration case management systems, the questionnaire can be delivered in several languages for the convenience of the client. INSZoom would be extremely difficult to use effectively without extensive training. The user interface is not entirely intuitive and takes getting used to. As with most programs, an understanding of the internal logic, framework and setup of the program comes with continued use. Once the client completes the questionnaire, the program populates the selected forms with that data. As with the other programs, INSZoom tracks the government's form revisions and additions. The user can generally trust that the form being generated is the most current version. INSZoom charges an initial $500.00 setup fee along with a fee for data migration and a monthly license fee of $100.00 per user. If you have been using another program, INSZoom will charge fees beginning at $1,000.00 to migrate data from your current program to INSZoom. Before signing a contract with INSZoom, make sure to get in writing the extent of the migration including a list of all the fields. As with the initial training, the data migration fee is negotiable. BREADTH TOOLS/FUNCTIONALITY The questionnaires are extensive and complete, as are the reports. INSZoom allows customization of questionnaires, reports, e-mail and correspondence templates and reminders. Standard reports include tracking of open ticklers/reminders and deadlines, invoicing, and attorney or staff caseload. All in all, the breadth and functionality PRICING MODEL CUSTOMER SERVICE Customer support is one, if not the most, important factor in choosing a software case management program. This is due to the inherent complexity of the program and the crucial role it plays in fulfilling the attorney's obligations to the client. Before making a long - term commitment of considerable time and expense, one should thoroughly investigate the quality of customer support. I recommend speaking with colleagues who have used the program as well as reading independent online reviews. INSZoom provides a somewhat adequate level of upfront phone/ webinar training. Before choosing INSZoom, one should negotiate the level of initial training, including inoffice training if so desired. SUMMARY I found INSZoom to provide adequate case management. Like the other case management programs reviewed, it contains the following basic tools: integrated calendar, contact management and address book, dated and prioritized reminders/tasks with deadline management and customization for each type of case, client questionnaires, fillable forms, reporting, emailing, billing, time tracking, visa priority tracking, communication templates and limited document storage. The main differences in the programs are not readily apparent. 4

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