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March 2013 (Vol. 4, No. 3)

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Immigration Case Management: eImmigration by Karol Brown DESCRIPTION Cerenade's E-Immigration is a comprehensive and intuitive immigration case management system that provides updated immigration forms, online client questionnaires, contact management, reminders for expiration dates and deadlines, one-time data entry, free form notes for telephone calls and research findings, and automated document/email templates. One of the best features of e-Immigration is that it is a cloud-based software system. Wherever you have Internet access, you have access to all of the information in your case management system. You never have to worry about the latest version of a form, because e-Immigration updates your software for you and backs up your vital client data. documents, online questionnaires, and reports to begin using the system without weeks of set-up. As you use the system, you can tweak these standard processes or create new processes to match your office procedures. The reporting features come with numerous options. You can view the "Tickler" report to easily view expiring documents, process step deadlines, or cases by type. Advanced reporting options provide greater flexibility, allowing you to search the database and produce just the information you need. These reports can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet or other application to enable even more ways to view, sort, and analyze the information in your system. an online video library that walks through commonly requested features, as well as numerous FAQ articles. All of this support is offered free of charge. EASE OF USE Cerenade's staff is friendly and knowledgeable. They are available by phone (8 am to 5 pm) or email (24/7). E-Immigration allows clients to complete online questionnaires, which is reviewed and accepted directly into your database, preventing errors and typos. New information may be entered into the database or typed directly into forms. As the attorney or paralegal updates information, the data flows through automatically to other forms, eliminating duplicate entries and reducing the possibility of errors. The interface is simple and straightforward. The home page gives quick access to all the features. The layout of the information is intuitive, but powerful enough to store multiple phone numbers, address history, employment records, and educational background. The client's document history can be stored to enable the system to track any type of critical expiration dates. You can even store your thoughts, questions, and other data that may not fit in traditional database forms. Family relationships can be easily tracked, connecting different contacts in the database. Switching to another family member is as easy as clicking a link next to their name. BREADTH OF THE TOOLS/FUNCTIONALITY TRAINING AND UPFRONT SERVICES ACCURACY AND QUALITY E-Immigration has customization options to meet the special needs of your law office. Cerenade provides standard processes, questionnaires, required E-Immigration offers a free online webinar every week. The webinars are a great way for new staff members to quickly get up to speed on the software. There is also PRICING MODEL Pricing for e-Immigration is perhaps the best reason to use this system. Monthly fees are based on the number of users and options used, ranging between $10 and $45 per month per user depending on the features used. There is no per-case charge and also no annual charge for storing large amounts of data, as there is with LawLogix and other software models. CUSTOMER SERVICE BEST FEATURES Perhaps e-Immigration's best feature is that it enables you to create accurate, reliable forms quickly and easily. In my office, a client can come in for a consultation, decide to hire us, and my staff can create the necessary immigration forms to sign in the time it takes me to review the representation agreement. My corporate clients love the online interface because it allows them to see the case status, deadlines, and documents needed for all of their employees. My clients in different time zones or with intense work schedules appreciate the ability to provide information, upload documents, track the progress of their case, or review draft forms anytime, anywhere. And I enjoy being able to access all of the information in my case management system from my office, a hotel poolside, or my living room recliner. 5

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