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March 2013 (Vol. 4, No. 3)

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Immigration Case Management: LawLogix by Kirby Gamblin Joseph DESCRIPTION LawLogix, an internet based case management software designed specifically for immigration, helps to reduce the amount of time spent on managing cases. LawLogix provides several features that allow you to manage your cases from start to finish including: address book, integrated forms, one-time data entry, management of deadlines and reminders, client questionnaires, document templates, status updates, visa priority tracking, integrated calendar, reporting tools access to links and resources for immigration-related issues, in addition to many other features. The software also provides clients with a login for access to their case. ACCURACY AND QUALITY By accessing and completing online intake questionnaires, clients are able to submit information to be reviewed by their attorney/paralegal. Information is easily edited by the user. Forms are updated as necessary by LawLogix so that you are always accessing the most up to date version of every form. Also, new immigration processes are released by LawLogix as they become available for use in the case management system. The relational databases increase accuracy and quality since information is only entered once and is automatically populated to other areas and forms within the case management system. BREADTH TOOLS/FUNCTIONALITY PRICING MODEL LawLogix has many tools available to users. Reports are very customizable and available for any function imaginable. The majority of the forms are easy to edit and update; however, some fields on certain forms can be tricky. LawLogix has a client interface that allows clients to access various tools including: questionnaires, forms, list of documents required, activities lists showing tasks and dates completed, storage and viewing of documents uploaded, links to government resources, and the ability to check on case status using uploaded receipt notices and link to USCIS. LawLogix charges a very low monthly user fee (approximately $10.00/user). In addition to a user fee, LawLogix charges a case management fee for each case process opened within the system (approximately $29.99-$49.99 per case process). The benefit of this type of pricing model is that you can easily pass the cost of the case management onto your clients by demonstrating to them the added value that they receive through the client interface. By passing this cost onto your clients LawLogix becomes much more economical to a firm than some of the other case management software programs on the market. EASE OF USE The user interface for LawLogix is very straightforward and easy to learn and use. It is also simple for clients to access and use. TRAINING AND UPFRONT SERVICES Software is only as good as the training that you receive. It is important to invest in training on the software in order to effectively and efficiently utilize it to its full potential. LawLogix does provide free training, telephone support, online chat, and webinars. In addition LawLogix offers in-person professional user certification programs at their company for an additional cost. Failure to invest in training is likely to lead to disappointment with the product. CUSTOMER SERVICE LawLogix is always responsive and knowledgeable. They provide excellent customer service. Free training, telephone support, online chat, and webinars are available. LawLogix as a whole offers a complete immigration case management program that can be easily utilized by immigration law firms and clients. Overall it is an excellent program. Any problems that arise are always quickly addressed by LawLogix, and LawLogix is always open to suggestions on how to improve their system. They continue to work towards making the program even more user friendly. ABOUT THE CONTRIBUTORS: Marshall Cohen has served twice on AILA's national liaison committee to the Executive Office for Immigration Review. Karol Brown serves as a committee member on AILA's Practice Management Committee. Doug Penn currently serves as a committee member on AILA's Practice Management Committee. Kirby Joseph is the 2012-2013 Chair of AILA's Practice Management Committee and has served as a committee member since 2010. 7

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