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ENTERTAINMENT POETIC JUSTICE Hope or Hatred by Julia Manglano Toro Such a tragic beauty Her life of travel with hopes With blood shot eyes one moment Travel for work Then with hope the next Then travel with new family Hope remains despite Travel to work saving children The threat Travel to see the world The fear   The risk Then settled in a new world   New world with new possibilities To move on All unknown To be on her own Possibilities of great dreams To fight to see the light Possibilities of great horrors He has not destroyed her   He hurt her In a new world to only meet one He controlled her person But her spirit remains One person to destroy your life   Your life as a mother Still able to be joyful With a child to love and enjoy Still recalling love past Turned into a life of slavery Love is real   This was not love Who would know She knows reality A tall dark beautiful woman And will escape his hell Going about her day, her court   appointment His future is bleak Could snap into a panic attack He only knows to harm Suddenly Harm will come to him When the man she married Loneliness Sits next to her unexpectedly Hatred   Only he knows I met her today   Panic turned her eyes blood red She is fortunate Panic took her voice away She is strong Panic only brought a gush of tears She has love Panic crying out from her entire She sees the future being And she has hope for the future   Hope over hatred Fate brought her a lovely son   Fate took his father to serve others o-born Julia Manglano Toro is a Chicag Fate brought her a new spouse ton, mother of three. She is a Washing Fate had that spouse abuse her ner. D.C., solo practitio And her son, her only family   36 V OICE

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