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NAVIGATE RESOURCES: Table of Contents Table 1 InfoNet aila.org Find a Member Interval Range A Range B Range C Range D Range E Range F Range G Range H Range I Range J Range K Range L Frequently Asked Questions and Answers, Prevailing Wage – PWDs for Specific Occupations. The OES had a footnote for those occupations stating that the wage was equal to or greater than the highest wage interval in the OES survey. When NPWC issued the FAQ Sponsors will have specific obligations under the act. For example, the sponsor will be required to report changes that are relevant to the migrant's right to live in the Netherlands. Furthermore, the sponsor must save certain information about the migrant for up to five years after the sponsorship ended. The sponsor must also ensure careful recruitment and selection. The IND will be entitled to verify the sponsor's compliance. If the sponsor (or migrant) fails to fulfill its obligations under the Act, the IND can impose penalties. ? ! Contact a Mentor Hourly Wages Under $9.25 $9.25 to $11.49 $11.50 to $14.49 $14.50 to $18.24 $18.25 to $22.74 $22.75 to $28.74 $28.75 to $35.99 $36.00 to $45.24 $45.25 to $56.99 $57.00 to $71.49 $71.50 to $89.99 $90.00 and over Shop Agora Annual Wages Under $19,240 $19,240 to $23,919 $23,920 to $30,159 $30,160 to $37,959 $37,960 to $47,319 $47,320 to $59,799 $59,800 to $74,879 $74,880 to $94,119 $94,120 to $118,559 $118,560 to $148,719 $148,720 to $187,199 $187,200 and over in 2010, the highest wage interval was either "$70.00 per hour or $145,600 per year" or "$80.00 per hour or $166,400 per year." Id. NPWC stated that it would issue a prevailing wage based on the OES footnote (i.e., either the $70/hour or $80/hour wage). Id. In Pending: Changes to the Foreign Nationals Employment Act Another Dutch bill relevant for immigration professionals, although currently still pending, is expected to enter into force in the near future. Once adopted, it will change the Dutch Foreign Nationals Employment Act and tighten procedures to obtain work privileges in the Netherlands. The maximum duration of a work permit will be limited to one year (instead of the current three years) and a work permit application can be declined if the employer has been penalized for violation of Dutch employment law (for example, the Dutch Working Conditions Act). The Dutch legislature states that these changes are necessary to protect the local labor market during the economic crisis. Washington, D.C., Chapter member Becki L. Young co-manages the Global Immigration & Mobility Practice (GIM) Group in Washington, D.C. Ilya Hoekerd heads the GIM Group in Amsterdam. 1 U.S. nationals do not require a provisional residence permit to enter the Netherlands. M AY/ J UNE 2013 13

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