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NAVIGATE RESOURCES: InfoNet aila.org Table of Contents Find a Member ? ! Contact a Mentor AILA CROSSWORD Shop Agora Download & Print! ACROSS 1. A.k.a. Simpson-Mazzoli Act 3. New category of visa designated under IMMACT90 9. The legal process for handling this immigration legal concept was changed under IIRAIRA 11. The PATRIOT Act enabled greater sharing of information between DOS and legacy ___ 12. Inquiries 16. 1996 Act, which was an effort by Congress to deal with terrorism 18. Offer a viewpoint 19. Protected status created under IMMACT90, abbr. 20. Sworn statement 21. Runaway victory 23. Zero 24. Pull, of a permit or approval 25. An attack on employees of this agency was one incident, which led up to IIRAIRA in 1996 27. Black ink item Enter the code hidden in this puzzle to save 20%* on your purchase of Immigration Forms Toolbox. *Expires 12/31/13 28. Part of an exchange DOWN 17. Adversaries of the prosecution 30. Send ___, deport 1. 1997 Act, which changed the legal mechanisms relating to grounds for removal 19. Equipment, data sources, software, etc., used to get the job done 32. 1998 Act, which affected the status of immigration legislation regarding Haitians 2. Regulations 20. IMMACT90 increased these from 5,000 to 10,000 per year 33. Act enabling citizens to gain government information 5. Historical period 35. Note to a secretary perhaps 7. Hears a case 36. ___red with the same brush 8. Be decisive 37. The PATRIOT Act required the development of ___metric technology to verify IDs 10. Approvals 23. 1997 Act relating to status of Nicaraguans and Cubans in the U.S. since Dec. 1995 13. Remove 26. Diminish 38. The PATRIOT Act permitted detention for ___ days pending a decision to charge them 14. Visas created under IMMACT90 for persons in sciences, arts, business and athletics (3 words) 28. Subsequently 39. Compass direction 15. Guilty verdict and punishment assigned: in IIRAIRA its definition was broadened 33. Investigative group 31. Watch closely 40. Leaning 4. Legal memo heading (2 words) 6. Search and _____ 34. Bribe to influence a legal outcome 35. North eastern state 21. Insurer's calculation 22. Post 9/11 legislation, which tripled the number of border agents and inspectors 29. Branch Get the answers to last issue's puzzle! M AY/ J UNE 2013 47

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