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NAVIGATE RESOURCES: InfoNet aila.org Table of Contents Find a Member ? ! Contact a Mentor AILA CROSSWORD Shop Agora Download & Print! ACROSS 1. Senator who is a member of the "Gang of Eight" 4. Frame, as in a Bill (2 words) 10. This electronic process for employers to confirm legal status of workers would be improved by the Bill 11. Subject for discussion 13. Cry for help 14. Chuck Schumer, member of the Gang of Eight, was born here, abbr. 15. A vote against 16. An amendment was passed to provide immediate work authorization for aliens in this status (abbr.) 19. Morning time 21. Prosecutor 22. Augusta state 23. Nation that has historically welcomed people from other nations offering an opportunity for a better life 25. Hot ash in a dying fire 27. Pre Homeland Security organization 28. Take action Enter the code hidden in this puzzle to get $150 off* a new AILALink subscription! *Expires 12/31/13 29. Swear (to) 32. Walked on 34. Fee amount 35. Per the Bill, offenses at this level would disqualify for a path to citizenship 36. Graham's amendment provided for termination of visas for people in this status if they returned to their countries 39. Per the new Immigration Bill, paying these would be one requirement to attain "Registered provisional" status (2 words) 43. Employed 44. Watch closely 45. The Gang of Eight ___ firm on the core principles of the Bill 46. Supports DOWN 1. Per the Bill, agricultural workers who are undocumented immigrants would have a chance to qualify for these after 5 years (2 words) 2. Government departments, such as Homeland Security and DEA 3. Person in a country who is not a citizen of that country 5. Provisional status under the Bill for eligible undocumented aliens, abbr. 6. The Bill includes setting up this program for low-skilled guest workers, capped at 20,000 7. Approve a Bill 8. Undocumented immigrants under 16, graduated from high school, who have been in the U.S. for over 5 years 9. Yes vote 12. Therefore 17. Accept a policy or plan 18. Neighbor of Oregon 19. Improve, of a Bill for example 20. Protection from harm (a concern in the Bill in relation to preventing the immigration of terrorists for example) 24. Opener 25. The Bill increases border security to prevent illegal _____ 26. Type of process the Bill proposes for use with E-verify to strengthen it 30. Light brown 31. Compass point 33. Per the Bill, these have to be increased to protect the borders 36. Good point 37. Dems and GOP for example 38. Encourage in wrongdoing 40. Cry of distress 41. Number of years dreamers would need to serve in the military or college to be eligible for citizenship per the Bill 42. Marked, as a ballot 43. The Bill will increase the number of these types of visas for high-skilled workers Get the answers to last issue's puzzle! J ULY/ A UGUST 2013 39

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