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NAVIGATE RESOURCES: Table of Contents InfoNet aila.org Find a Member ? ! Contact a Mentor Shop Agora FOR MORE ON CIR: Visit AILA's Immigration Politics page for the latest on immmigration reform. Immigration Legislation Update (Late-Breaking Seminar) FREE! > NIW cases, which was a major break from the employer-sponsor provisions standard in labor certification. It was perhaps easier for us to see as newer practitioners because the "job offer" requirement had not yet become so deeply engrained. We immediately began filing hundreds of these cases for researchers around the country and hired several additional lawyers to help us. Times were relatively slow in other areas of employment-based immigration law, but we were so busy we could hardly keep up. History Will Repeat Opportunity in Volume Even if you fail to make a similar discovery in CIR itself, the sheer magnitude of new cases expected to roll out of CIR is extraordinary. Employment and family cases currently amount to hundreds of thousands of cases per year, but CIR will create millions of additional cases. Even if this increase in cases is spread out over many years, that still constitutes a manifold increase over current case volumes. Even if you never file a "blue card" case, you will likely experience an Demonstrators gather in front of the U.S. Capitol during a demonstration for immigration reform in Washington, D.C., on April 10. uptick in clients as other practitioners shift focus or simply become too busy. Seize the Moment Large changes in immigration law have the power to substantially alter your career—especially if you are just getting started. Do not take a passive role. Proactively study and contribute to CIR, and you will reap many rewards. Cletus M. Weber is co-founder of Peng & Weber, PLLC, based in Mercer Island, WA. He is editor-inchief of AILA's Guide to PERM Labor Certification. The author's views do not necessarily represent the views of AILA nor do they constitute legal advice or representation. J ULY/ A UGUST 2013 SHUTTERSTOCK.COM CIR similarly presents a golden opportunity to break into immigration law. As a newer practitioner, you are every bit as likely to stumble upon a major quirk, potentially one that few others—even an experienced practitioner—can see. With the currently rapid spread of information, it will be more difficult for such a quirk to go unnoticed for long, but there is still potential for rapid growth if you discover a successful new way of looking at CIR provisions. 9

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