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NAVIGATE RESOURCES: Table of Contents InfoNet aila.org Administrative Steps 1. Has each user completed the requisite E-Verify tutorial? 2. Are the relevant posters drafted in English and Spanish, and displayed in plain view at all hiring sites? 3. Does the program administrator regularly review and update users' information and terminate users' access once they no longer use the system and/or work for the employer? Creating a Case 1. Is the Form I-9 completed before creating a case in E-Verify? 2. Is a new case created for all newly hired employees no later than the third business day after the employee starts work? 3. Is all personally identifiable information safeguarded? Photo Matching 1. Are the required copies of documents maintained? 2. Does the user compare the photo displayed by E-Verify to the photo presented by the employee? Tentative Nonconfirmation (TNC) 1. Does the user print the TNC notice and privately review it with the employee? 2. Do both the user and employee sign the TNC notice? 3. Does the user periodically check to ensure all TNCs have been contested or not contested? 4. Is the original signed TNC notice kept on file? 5. Does the user choose the correct case closure statement? Find a Member ? ! Contact a Mentor Shop Agora Referrals 1. Does the user promptly print the referral letter? 2. Does the user review the referral letter with the employee in private? 3. Do both the user and employee sign the referral letter? 4. Is the original signed referral letter kept on file? 5. Does the user correctly choose the correct closure statement? Final Case Resolution 1. Does the user review the case status for those with pending cases before the Department of Homeland Security or Social Security Administration? 2. Does the user check E-Verify periodically for case resolution? 3. Does the user close all cases using the correct case closure statement once a Final Nonconfirmation is received? Final Case Closure 1. Does the user close every case created in E-Verify? 2. Does the user select the appropriate case closure statement? Other Common Issues 1. Have any E-Verify cases been created for employees hired before November 7, 1986? 2. Have any employees been immediately terminated after receiving a TNC? 3. Were cases created for employees hired prior to E-Verify enrollment? 4. Were relevant acceptable documents reviewed and, if applicable, were copies maintained? S EPTEMBER/ O CTOBER 2013 15

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