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December 2013

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New Members Tips for Working with Consular Posts Division E-News M YOUR NEW MEMBER RESOURCES: InfoNet NMD Page ? ! Mentor Directory Message Center Newsletter Archive by Cindy Azoulay December 2013 American Immigration Lawyers Association INTERVIEW OF THE MONTH u The client of an AILA member discusses her experience with the Provisional Unlawful Presence Waiver program that began on March 4, 2013. any clients often grow frustrated when they receive USCIS approval of their petitions but then encounter problems with visa issuance at the post. All visa applications ultimately require interaction with a foreign embassy or consulate. It is therefore imperative that the legal practitioner be aware of specific requirements for visa processing which can vary from post to post and the most efficient way to obtain this information. While regular practice within a jurisdiction will certainly lead to an understanding of a particular post's requirements, there is always that first case which will then need to serve as the "guinea pig"—and is this really the way you want to conduct your practice? New Member Events NMD Listserve Thus it is essential for a practitioner to know how best to obtain the most current information available prior to sending a client for embassy visa processing. The following is a suggested "where to" list of resources available in order to facilitate efficient visa processing: As a practitioner you want to be able to locate information relating to specific tips when dealing with particular posts. It is important to know the most common issues which visa applicants and their attorneys face when dealing with these posts. Ultimately you want to be able to minimize the stress involved in processing H-1Bs and Blanket L and individual L-1 applications. Most recently it has also become important to know how best to deal with delays caused by administrative processing. Embassy Websites The first place to look is the embassy website where there may be information as to the nature of the documentation required in support of particular visa applications. For example, review what your client must bring to the embassy at the time of the visa interview. Consider whether there are particular issues in your client's case that will require supporting documentation above and beyond standard requirements. Additionally, different visa CONTINUED on pg.2 >> u ISSUE HIGHLIGHTS: H1-B RFEs 3 Tips for Removal Defense 5 Change to Mandatory Detention 6 1

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