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they saidWHAT?u “A GED can be picked up, and then you could have never gone to school. You could pick up your GED and then apply to go off to beautician school. Tose things are all that’s required, and you would get approval for your permit that would give you immediately a green card, access to the welfare system, and the ability down the line ... to bring in, through family reunification, all your family members.” —Rep. Steve King (R-IA), 12/8/10 s “If you support this nightmare DREAM Act, you are actually supporting an ‘affirmative action amnesty act’ that rewards people for breaking the law and punishes those who defend America.”—Rep. Steve King, 12/8/10 “Wake up, America. Tis is no dream. It is an affirmative action amnesty nightmare.” —Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA), 12/8/10 “H.R. 5281 would allow these individuals, once they are naturalized and become 21 years of age, to exploit our broken system by sponsoring their immediate relatives with no numerical cap. We call that chain migration. In fact, they could each bring in something like 179 other individuals.” —Rep. Phil Gingrey (R-GA), 12/8/10 s “Fraud and corruption is a big business. It is a big business in the countries they are coming from, and it is becoming a bigger business in the country they are coming to, the United States of America. We have been a clean country that respects the rule of law.” —Rep. Steve King, 12/8/10 “[I]f this act passes, if an illegal immigrant happens to be of a racial or ethnic minority ... that individual, as soon as legal status is granted, will be entitled to all the education, employment, job training, government contracts, and other minority preferences that are written into our Federal and State laws. As a result, the DREAM Act would not only put illegal immigrants on par with American citizens, but would in many cases put them ahead of most American citizens. ... So those voting for this so-called DREAM Act are voting to relegate the position of nonminority American citizens to behind those who are now in this country illegally.” —Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, 12/8/10 14 VOICE PHOTOS COURTESY LIBRARY OF C s s s s

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