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I IPNmmigration Practice News American Immigration Lawyers Association Vol. 2 Issue 2 aila FEDERAL COURT LITIGATION CLE PRACTICUM, MARCH 3-4: This two-day conference in Atlanta, GA, will provide participants with the tools to properly litigate issues in the federal courts. Participants will discover how to spot issues that can be addressed in federal court; receive a road map for litigation; become trained on federal civil procedure; and develop skills to navigate the complex issues that an immigration lawyer might encounter. A Few Exercises in Dollars and Sense Five ‘Recession Lessons’ to Keep in Mind as the Economy Rebounds by Bradley Maged 1. Keep Overhead Low Te economic reality has led firms of all sizes to perform a line-by-line analysis of expenses and slash wherever they could. From staffing to office supplies, firms have worked diligently to significantly cut expenses. SAN DIEGO June 15–18, 2011 Be slow to add expenses as the economy improves. Until the need arises, consider asking existing staffers to take on a little more until there is an absolute need to hire. On the other hand, given the abundance of available talent, for those firms that have a need, now is a great time to recruit. SAN DIEGO BOASTS 365 DAYS OF “AHHH ...” Come to AILA’s 2011 Annual Conference for four days of “ahh-some” June 15-18 in sunny San Diego! Registration opens Feb. 3. 2. Avoid Long-Term Contracts Flexibility is key when times u ISSUE HIGHLIGHTS: Marketing Strategies 2 Creative Compensation 3 Benefits of U Visas 4 1 get tough. Te ability to move out of expensive office space and to eliminate expensive lease commitments makes it easier to get through rough patches. See Edward Poll, “Under Water from Overhead? Here Are Ways to Keep Afloat”, Law Practice Today (March 2008). 3. Utilize Technology to Save Immigration-specific Case Management Soſtware is a necessity for any serious immigration lawyer. Tis soſtware allows lawyers to create forms, set reminders and give clients access to their case status online. You may be able to reduce your staff size and receive a discount on malpractice insurance premiums. Scanning documents to minimize copying and printing is not only good for the environment but helps you save money on paper and storage space as well. See Davis Bae et al., “Launch! Lessons Learned by Lawyer Entrepreneurs!” AILA InfoNet Doc No. 10072065 (July 20, 2010). CONTINUED ON 2 >>

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