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Members Division E-News New American Immigration Lawyers Association Vol. 3 Issue 1 Laughing, Tasting, and Networking You should join AILA! A PRIZE REFERRAL: Did you know you can win great prizes, including a cash grand prize, by partici- pating in the AILA Member-Refer-A-Member program? If you know an attorney that is eligible for member- ship with AILA, we want to know! Even if your referral does not join, you are still in the running for prizes. Contact with any questions. Access the referral form to get started today! Multiple Sponsors, Who Files for My Visa? ByVidal Cordova Te D.C. Chapter New Members Division held a “Taste of DC” in conjunction with the 3rd Annual AILA Open House. Te group met at the Laughing Man Tavern with AILA President-Elect Eleanor Pelta. Ask your chapter liaison about similar networking outings in your area. Every year, elite foreign athletes come to the United States to com- pete in the highest-level sports tournaments. Foreign action sports athletes, such as profes- sional surfers, come from Brazil, Australia, South Africa, Portugal and other coun- tries to compete throughout the conti- nental U.S. and Hawaii. Many hold endorse- ment deals with U.S.-based companies, which pay them to promote the sponsor’s products in photo shoots, magazine advertise- ments, movies, and other events. With this duality of competition and marketing activities going off in different directions, immigra- tion counsel must plan effectively so that the athlete can fluidly tran- sition from athletic performances to endorsement activities. Te P-1 visa is an attractive vehicle that allows professional surfers to compete in the U.S. while also receiving income from endorse- ments.1 Let’s begin briefly with determining eligibility. A P-1 athlete must be interna- tionally recognized based on his reputation and achievements, and must be coming to compete or perform in events that require international recognition.2 Sec- ond, there must be a U.S.-based employer, a U.S. sponsoring orga- nization, a U.S. agent or a foreign employer who files the petition on behalf of the athlete—there is NO self-petitioning for P-1 visas allowed.3 Once you conclude that the athlete quali- fies for the P-1 visa, you will want to discuss with the client whether the surfer has endorsements by companies who will want to schedule promotion events for the athlete in the U.S. on behalf of the brand. An issue that comes up with professional athletes com- ing to the U.S. to compete is that besides the prize money from the contests and tournaments, they also receive income from CONTINUED on pg.3 >> u ISSUE HIGHLIGHTS: CSPA Eligibility 2 Organizing CLE Events 4 Chapter Happenings 5 1

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