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I IPNmmigration Practice News American Immigration Lawyers Association Vol. 2 Issue 3 LOOK WHO’S TWEETING, TOO! AILA Executive Director Crystal Williams has joined the Twittersphere! Follow her @AILAExecDir as well as AILA’s new @AILANational Twitterfeed for the latest news on #immigration! As always, you can also find us on Facebook and LinkedIn. Easy Steps Toward Sensible Security Better Protect Your Clients’ Information with Complex Passwords, Reliable Backups By Sandra M. Wagner u THE NEW CLASSIC FROM AILA PUBLICATIONS: Business Immigration: Law and Practice—Comprehensive Review, Extensive Citations, Practical Advice, and more! Accepting pre-orders beginning May 1 at Protecting client information is imperative. Carefully selecting passwords and backup systems can help in achieving client protection. With so many applications, devices, and websites asking for passwords, it is tempting to pick passwords that are easy to remember, or to use the same password more than once. Although it can be tempting to write down passwords that are difficult to remember, passwords that are written down need to be kept in a safe, secure place. Passwords should not be sent out via e-mail. To lower the risk of a security breach, use strong passwords and avoid using a previous password or only changing one character within a password. Strong passwords are at least eight characters, and contain a mix of upper and lower case numbers, numerals, special characters and punctuation. Tey do not include dictionary words or personal information. Tere are applications available over the internet that can randomly generate passwords. However, this may also raise security concerns. Another way to protect client information is to use a backup system to restore lost or damaged data. Solid state storage (flash drive, USB flash drive, thumb drive), magnetic tape drives, hard disk, and remote backup service are types of backup systems available. Solid state storage is convenient and available in increasingly large capacities, but it can easily be misplaced. Some solid state storage devices come with u ISSUE HIGHLIGHTS: Preparing for Death or Disability 2 The Pros and Cons of Outsourcing 3 1 authentication and/or encryption soſtware which protects the data should the device be lost. Magnetic tape drives need to be tested on a regular basis to make sure the tape drive is functioning properly. A tape is kept off-site in a secure location and swapped out on a daily or weekly basis. An alternative to magnetic tape CONTINUED ON 4 >> INFONET RESOURCES: u The Lawyer’s Guide to Mobile Computer Security u Practical Ethics: Using Due Diligence When Selecting A Remote Backup Vendor x2

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