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2010 Annual Report

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PRACTICE RESOURCES INFONET: 2010 IN REVIEW A look at 2010 on InfoNet by the numbers. (Note: Tese numbers refer only to www.aila. org, not any of the other sub-sites of InfoNet) A Year’s Worth of Numbers: • 3,312,787 visits to the site • 8,774,713 page views • Tat’s an average of 9,076 visits viewing 24,040 pages per day. If you take out the weekends when our numbers are negligible that comes closer to 12,692 visits viewing 33,619 pages per day! Each visitor looked at an average of 2.65 pages on their visit and spent an average time of 3:12 on the site. Te two most popular days were February 2 when there were 15,943 visits and 44,122 page views and June 29 when there were 13,507 visits and 49,295 page views. Who Are Our Visitors? Tey come back: • 78.62% were returning visitors • 21.38% were new visitors [ 20 ] Tey come back a lot: • 23% (753,198) visited over 200 times • 9% (287,601) visited 101-200 times • 8.7% (289,007) visited 51-100 times Tey’re mainly in the United States • 96% from the United States • 4% came from all over the world with the top three other countries being Canada, India, and United Kingdom. English was the top language used to view the site but it was also viewed in Korean, Spanish, Chinese and French together ac- counting for 23,582 views! How Did Tey Get Here? • 48% came directly (entered in the browser for example) • 26% came from a referral site • 6% from the Message Center is the largest referrer site • 26% came from a search engine • 23% from Google • 1.5% from Bing! LOOKING BEYOND INFONET AILA Leadership Blog (June 4–Dec 31) 24,271 visits, 31,188 page views 388 Comments AILA Slip Opinion Blog (Feb 23-Dec 31st) 19,437 visits, 26,957 page views 11 Comments AILA on Facebook 2,472 total fans AILA on Twitter AILARemoval: 1,069 followers AILABusiness: 2,313 AILA_CLE: 570

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