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2010 Annual Report

What has AILA done for you lately? See highlights in our annual reports.

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FINANCIAL REPORT T he elected leadership and staff are vigilant in monitoring AILA’s financial health and success. Te annual budget is prepared by the National Officers and staff, reviewed by the Finance Committee, and reviewed and adopted by the Board of Governors. AILA was fortunate to end 2010 with net revenues of $795,515. Te Board voted to transfer $250,000 of that to our Capital Reserve Fund, 2010 NET REVENUE SOURCES ADVERTISING/AFFINITY 1% utilize $350,000 for 2011 programming, and maintain the balance for unforeseen needs that may arise in 2011 and beyond. Aſter the close of the fiscal year on December 31, AILA’s records are audited by the account- ing firm of Tate and Tryon CPA. AILA’s audit report for 2009 was a “clean bill of health” with no problems or deficiencies noted. 2010 PROGRAM EXPENSES PUBLICATIONS 18% MANAGEMENT/ GENERAL 18% CONFERENCES 12% NATIONAL DUES 63% GOVERNANCE 14% Advertising/Affinity Programs Publications Conferences Interest/Misc. Tenant Revenue National Dues ADVOCACY 13% LIAISON 12% MEMBER SERVICES 14% INTEREST/MISC. 1% PRACTICE RESOURCES 8% COMMUNICATIONS 8% REVENUES National Dues Publications & Subscriptions Annual Conference Other Conferences Advertising Member Service Program Tenant Rent/Reimbursement Interest/Dividends Miscellaneous Receipts Total Revenues EXPENSES Communications Advocacy Annual Conference Other Conferences Liaison Practice & Professionalism Practice Resources Publications Member Services Marketing AIC Support PRACTICE &PROF. 6% Leadership & Governance Management & General Tenant Expense Total Expenses Income (minus expenses) Management Governance AIC Support Member Services Practice Resources Practice Liaison Advo 4,274,368 3,841,356 2,122,389 1,178,687 65,214 48,716 532,828 62,793 26,486 $12,152,836 502,250 787,505 1,448,303 991,682 719,930 359,558 471,371 2,590,365 864,682 124,198 397,189 841,868 1,085,077 173,343 $11,357,321 $795,515 [ 29 ] TENANT REVENUE 5% AIC SUPPORT 7%

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