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2010 Annual Report

What has AILA done for you lately? See highlights in our annual reports.

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EDUCATION OVERVIEW Te AILA Education department had a suc- cessful year in 2010. Live in person confer- ence attendance was slightly down but AILA was able to lower expenses to still achieve budgeted revenue goals. Live Audio and Web Seminars and Seminar recordings con- tinued to remain strong and grew with the addition of pre-approved CLE. In between working on the 10 in-person conferences, 2 webcasts, and 65 audio and web seminars, and 13 free member podcasts, the Depart- ment spent the remaining time developing the new AILA CLE Center and pre-approved CLE for OnDemand Recordings. Tese programs will launch March 2011. LIVE AUDIO & WEB SEMINARS AILA exceeded our budgeted numbers for both live and recorded revenue streams. • We provided members with 62 regular and three late-breaking seminars. • Te seminar with the highest number of live listeners was the Late-Breaking Neufeld Memo (2/26) with 197. [ 8 ] • Seminars averaged 54 live listeners per seminar • 3,561 total live listeners in 2010 (1,311 more than 2009) • Repeat customers make up 53.3% of our live listeners AUDIO AND WEB SEMINAR RECORDINGS All of AILA’s live audio and web seminars are recorded and available for purchase through our partner, CommPartners, in CD or onDemand format. 2256 seminar record- ings were purchased in 2010. • Of the seminars that took place in 2010, An In-Depth Look at the H-1B had the highest number of recordings purchased (74) PODCASTS AILA has continued to produce free month- ly podcasts to AILA members. New in 2011, AILA will offer a free 1 credit Ethics CLE podcast to members. 2010 Topics • Dec: Putting Padilla v. Kentucky in Practice • Nov: Special Edition 2010 Election • Nov: Websites 101 • Oct: 20 Technology Tips to Be More Productive and Improve Your Practice • Sept: Cutting Trough the Red Tape: Resolving Case Problems with AILA Liaison • Aug: Forfeitures and Seizures • Jul: Tax Benefits for Haitian TPS Recipients • Jun: Special Immigration Remedies for Military Families • May: Be a Washington Immigration Insid- er—Te 2010 AILA Annual Conference • Apr: S Visas, Rarely Used, But Very Useful • Mar: Te Continuing Significance of the ABC Settlement and NACARA • Feb: Haiti Update—Relief and Response for Haitians in Crisis • Jan: What’s in Store for AILA in 2010 INVESTOR’S MARKETP

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