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Practice News U I IPNmmigration American Immigration Lawyers Association Vol. 3 Issue 1 THE SPEICAL SOCIAL MEDIA ISSUE! IPN TRENDING TOPICS #ethicsminefield (2) Rules are often forgotten when building online presence #brandbuilding (3) Client-review websites can help promote your practice #socialstandards (4) Protect your firm by setting clear social media policy #trailingtweets (5) Are avid Twitter followers the new ambulance chasers? #safetexts (7) Safe networking pointers to help you avoid trouble + GET A (TWITTER) HANDLE ON #IMMIGRATION ISSUES In addition to @AILANational, don't forget to follow AILA Executive Director Crystal Williams (@AILAExecDir) and the American Immigration Council's Immigration Policy Center (@ImmPolicyCenter) for the latest #immigration news. Balancing #SocialMedia, #Ethics se of social networking sites such as LinkedIn and Face- book for marketing purposes continues to grow across countless businesses; however, many lawyers are slow to take advantage of this new technology. These lawyers cite lack of time, security concerns, and ethical uncertainty as excuses to ignore this revolutionary change in societal communication. Ignore at your peril. The tens of millions of eyeballs that used to scan the Yellow Pages, read the newspaper, watch TV and listen to radio are now on the Internet engaged in social net- working and social media. You have the chance to communi- cate with these people across your city, your state and the world—all for free using social networks! Now do we have your attention? Consider this analogy: social net- working is to marketing what e- mail is to business communication. The pace of business oſten requires us to communicate in writing much more rapidly than a written letter. We are way past the time when a successful lawyer could draſt, print, sign, stamp, and mail every written communication, and the wait for a response. E-mail now provides us with that method to more quickly respond and communicate. It is faster and easier than a mailed let- ter, and provides a written record as well. Social networking provides that same mechanism to more quickly and easily market a practice than without it. Instead of spending several hours driving to and attend- ing a business networking luncheon where you will meet and talk to less than a dozen people, you can use that same time to communicate with hundreds of people across social networks. True, it is not a complete replacement for other marketing activities, nor is e-mail a complete replacement for a formal letter! Like e-mail, social networking takes time to learn, but will eventually improve your marketing productiv- ity. Social networking allows us to reach many people including former clients, referral sources, professional CONTINUED on pg.3 >> 1

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