January-February 2012

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POETIC JUSTICE Julia Manglano Toro is a Chicago-born, Washington, D.C., lawyer and mother of 3, also partner at Pertierra & Toro, P.C. Child Weeping, Wandering, and Worried Eight years Old Crying alone In a white hallway Under fluorescent lights, White door, white walls, Waiting Crying Wandering Rocking back and forth Lawyer talking to mom Dad has to go Already missing him Already alone Wondering What will life be Without him Wondering what will it be like Without him At home At the park Without dad Worried about dad Scared for him "Where will he go?" He has a home, Here Scared for herself "What will become of me?" Together No longer After only eight years Copyright © 2012 J. Toro. Reprinted with permission Tomatoes, Who Needs Tomatoes Burgers Fries Salads Ketchup We don't need all that Those things that grow on a plant Natural Healthy Sweet smell We don't need all that I won't pick them You won't pick them Colbert won't pick them Who will Southern State politicians will need to pick them Those who picked them Were here to work Here to take a paycheck home Here to provide for a family Don't worry They are no longer in the way Thanks to the politicians They can pick them Tomatoes Onions Potatoes Fruits from trees Who needs them I eat them, and so do my kids I eat at least one a day But that's just me I'm the minority, no? JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2012 27

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