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Creative Ideas for Recognizing Staff Contributions By Kirby Gamblin Joseph E mployees who feel appreciated and enjoy going to work everyday tend to be employees who stick around. Showing appreciation to your staff is therefore very important and this can be done in a variety of ways. Throughout the year, I try to host two larger events and organize other smaller events and encourage employees to do the same. These are some ideas for keeping employees excited about their jobs and ways to share in some fun firm times together throughout the year: Larger Events • Bowling Night—Rent a couple of bowling lanes and meet up for bowling and/or dinner. • Guerilla Party—Gather employees for a fictitious meeting. Distribute a designated amount of cash to each employee and tell them that you are closing the office for the remaining hours of the day so that everyone can go to local mall and purchase something for themselves. Then meet up aſterwards for appetizers and drinks to check out each other's goods. • Paint Class—Take your staff to a paining class where beverages and socializing are encouraged. Everyone can relax while making something to decorate their home or office. • Cooking School—This year for our holiday party we took everyone to a cooking school. The staff cooked a 5-course Spanish meal together and then invited their spouses to join us for dinner. • White Water Rafting/Fishing/Rock Climbing/ Hiking/Sleigh Ride or Wagon Ride—Get out and enjoy nature together. Have a BBQ and roast some marshmallows. Smaller Events • Birthdays—Acknowledge everyone's birthday publicly in the office. Bring a cake for everyone to share on the big day with a card. • Pot Luck Lunches—Pick a day to have a pot luck. Everyone brings their favorite lunch item to share with the office. • Pizza Lunch—Spontaneously surprise staff by ordering pizza for lunch (staff love this on snowy days when they would rather be home). • Ring the Bell—Find a way of publicly sharing good news. We have a bell that everyone rings when they get an approval notice or win a case in court. • Staff-Organized Happy Hour— Encourage the staff to get together aſter work to celebrate achievements and just have fun. The firm doesn't have to organize everything. Sometimes with a little encouragement, the staff will do it themselves. At the end of the day, employees enjoy being recognized for their contributions and getting together with co-workers. Remember, happy employees lead to staff longevity! Publications BUY NOW! AILA 4 Reid Trautz has provided advice to AILA members on a range of issues: Looking for practice advice? Talk • Improving Workflow • Starting a Law Practice • Marketing/Client Development • Technology • Fees and Billing • Malpractice Insurance Plans • Maintaining Trust Accounts to Reid! And more! To arrange a consultation, please call 202- 507-7647 or e-mail This service is free to all AILA members. Reid does his best, but it may take up to 24 hours for Reid to respond to your request. The Entrepreneurial Lawyer: How to Run a Successful Immigration Practice

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