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SPOTLIGHT on Bridgette M. Bennett Member Offers Colleagues DACA Toolkit: T the word "active" doesn't quite describe it. When mem- bers found themselves facing many DACA-related sce- narios, they quickly turned to their NMD colleagues for guidance, discussion, and in some cases, commisera- tion. Amid the flurry of e-mails sprung the need for a more organized chaos. And with no further adieu, up pops an e-mail from Bridgette M. Bennett, offering her NMD colleagues five documents that she draſted for herself and her staff for use in DACA intake. What pos- sessed her to commit such a selfless act? "As this group has been a blessing to me, I strive to also be a blessing to my colleagues," said Bridgette. "I appreciate the spirit of generosity the NMD embodies!" Bridgette offers up her self-made DACA toolkit for practitioners and paralegals, alike: he New Members Division (NMD) list serve is what one might call active even on a slow day. And ever since DACA became effective on August 15, q DREAMers Document Checklist: "This is an updated version … (the only area I STILL find very challenging is physical presence, particularly for kids that are still in high school and have absolutely NOTHING in their name. I have one girl who did nothing this summer and wasn't even on FaceBook!)" q DREAMers Questionnaire: "Using this question- naire covers questions on the I-821D, I-765 and I-765WS (my paralegals love this!)" q DREAMers Statement of Understanding: "This [topic] generated a lot of buzz …, so I created this internal document that I personally go through with each DREAMer and have [the person] sign ..." q DREAMers Cover Letter: "... life is easy because it follows the document checklist and the [seven] DHS criteria." q DREAMers Paralegal Checklist: "Paralegals don't send this out unless all the boxes are checked." What Are People Saying About AILA8? "Love it! Concise, attractive, pertinent topics, links to more info, short message!!! Great job. Really like it." —Carlina Tapia-Ruano "Easy to use, quick, concise, and, I think, terrific— thank you!!!!" —Dagmar Butte AILA8 ""… I LOVE AILA8! It is by far the most useful e-mail I get!" — Marty Rosenbluth "I love the new format! It's the things I want in my news when I'm busy—accessible and relevant." — Emily Assunta White AILA8 is the daily e-newsletter, FREE to AILA members, that allows you to read the top 8 immigration news items of the day in 8 minutes or less. Save time, save your inbox, read AILA8! Missed an issue or a link? AILA8 is archived on InfoNet for your convenience. SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2012 11

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